How To Properly Maintain Cedar Fencing

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When selecting a fence for your home, there are plenty of colors and materials to choose from. While PVC is a popular choice due to the low maintenance needed to keep it looking great, you may be considering a more traditional cedar wood fence. It involves some more maintenance and care over the years, but will result in a fence that looks beautiful.

Installation Tips

When installing a cedar wood fence, it's important to avoid putting the pickets beneath the soil. The fence should be installed in a way where the bottom is slightly elevated off the ground. The thick wood posts will be what secures the fence in place, because if the cedar wood touches the ground, it is more susceptible to seeping up moisture, which can cause splitting or rotting to occur.

Sealing Considerations

The best way to keep your fence looking great is by sealing it once every 3 years. Sealant needs to be applied to every side of a cedar wood fence, including the rough edge along the bottom and the thin edge between the pickets. Two coats are ideal to ensure every groove in the wood is sealed.

You can also purchase wood that has been pressure treated, which means it has been chemically injected and won't require sealing.

Power Washing

Wood fences will look dingy or gray over time, but do not require replacement to get them looking great again. All you need to do is power wash your fence to restore its natural beauty. The frequency of power washing really depends the weather in your area and the amount of dirt that surrounds the fence. The best way to keep dirt away is by planting grass around it, because it prevents dust and dirt from becoming airborne and staining the fence.


If you take care of your cedar wood fence, it will help your home look great and increase your property value. While cedar wood requires more maintenance than PVC fencing, you can avoid some of the problems you'll encounter with a proper installation, applying sealant, and proper cleaning with a power washer.

Considering a cedar wood fence? Contact a fencing contractor, such as Maximum Fence, for a consultation. They can come out to your home and take measurements of the desired fenced off area, and give you a price quote. A professional installation will also take care of the installation and initial sealing for you.