Got Large Dogs That Often Play In The Backyard? Tips To Keep Them In And From Destroying Your Lawn

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If you have large dogs that often play in your backyard you must be concerned with keeping the dogs in. You should also be concerned with the dogs damaging your lawn. To keep the dogs and you happy, below are tips on installing chain link fencing, as well as to keep your yard protected.

Install Chain Link Fencing

The most important thing to consider is the type of fencing you choose for your backyard. Because your dogs are large you must make sure the fence is not too short or they could jump over it. Instead, make the fence high enough that there is no way they could get over it. This will also keep animals out of the yard.

A chin link fence works well for this purpose. You can choose from a variety of heights. A chain link fence is generally made of galvanized steel and the steel is woven to create the fence panels. Make sure the steel you choose is thick enough that your dogs could not break it. Along with this, you could install some time of decorate element across the top of the fence to give it better appeal. This also adds even more height.

One more thing to consider is the dogs digging under the fence. To prevent this, ask the fence contractor to dig the fence deeper into the ground.

Protect Your Yard

Many dogs love to dig in a yard and there is not much you can do to prevent this from happening. Because of this, give them one area that they can dig in, such as a large sandbox. They may still dig in other areas but will be more apt to stick to the sandbox. You could also put soil in the sandbox.

Urine can ruin a yard as it burns the grass. Because of this you could install synthetic grass. This entails removing the current grass and laying rolls of synthetic grass to cover the entire yard. This is an expense but will be well worth it. If your dogs urinate or defecate you could simply use a hose to clean the synthetic material.

Synthetic grass looks like real grass and most people would not even know it was not real. It also feels comfortable when walking on so your dogs. Once your dogs realize it is not traditional grass, they will be less likely to dig.

Taking these steps will help you feel much less stress while your dogs are outside playing in your yard. For more information, reach out to fencing companies like F & W Fence Company, Inc.