4 Ideas For Improving The Look Of Your Chain Link Fence

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While many people enjoy what a chain link fence can do for them, not everybody appreciates their look. If you think your chain link fence is an eyesore, here are several ideas you can use to spruce them up.

1. Paint the Fence to Give it Character

The easiest solution to beautifying your fence is to apply a coat of paint to it. Alternatively, you can paint the fence a colour that allows it to blend into the background and become "invisible."

Take note that painting a chain link fence isn't as easy as it sounds. You can hire a professional to do it, but if you plan to do it yourself, you should clean the fence first.

2. Give the Fence Life, Literally, With Plants

Using growing things around or even between the chain links can give a green and earthy look to your fence. You can also use greenery and plant life to make the fence virtually disappear into a wall of plants.

You can accomplish this very simply, or turn it into a long-term project depending on what you want to do.

Vines and climbing vegetation will work the fastest. Chain links are ideal for climbing plants since it gives them room to maneuver and constant surface to adhere to. You can even try vines that produce something like sweat pea or honeysuckle.

You can plant trees that you can guide towards growing upwards while twisting through the links. This is a long-term project and requires a bit of skill to accomplish. Otherwise, you can simply hang plants from your chain link fence.

3. Use Slats, Panels, and Screens Across Your Fence

There are many commercial products available specifically for making your chain link fence look less industrial and more aesthetically pleasing. You can use slats that cross horizontally or vertically along the chain link. This can either give the fence a picket fence quality or provide privacy. Slats come in any colour you can think of, and are made specifically to fit across your fence. There are even slats with designs.

Panels and screens can cover the entirety of your chain link fence. They come in any number of colors and custom designs. You can even put a logo or a crest on them. They're not the best option for everybody. If you're not careful, they can come off as gaudy looking, which will defeat the purpose.

4. Get Creative with Arts and Crafts on Your Fence

You can do whatever you want to your fence. You can hang decorations from it, or attach a collection of streamers. There's no limit to what you can do if you get creative. You can use paper and paint. You can use wire and seashells. It's really anything goes.

If you look around, you will find an almost unlimited amount of ideas for things you can do with your chain link fence. These ideas are both commercial as well as do-it-yourself activities. It's all up to you.

Do It All Again

The best thing about doing any of these projects with your fence is that you can remove most of them easily. You can then go on to change up the design altogether. So not only can you improve the look of your fence, you can have fun doing it multiple times over the years if you so desire.

Talk to your local fencing contractor such as City Fence for more ideas and information.