4 Advantages Of Corrugated Sheet Metal Fencing

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Traditionally, privacy fences have been made of wood or vinyl. Chain link fences also can provide privacy if they're covered in vines or bordered by shrubbery. A more recent arrival on the privacy fencing scene is the corrugated sheet metal fence. This may sound like an aesthetically unattractive option at first thought, but fence contractors -- and you -- can make this option visually appealing as well as functional.

Advantages of Corrugated Sheet Metal Fencing

Low Maintenance

Taking care of a sheet metal fence is easy. You don't need to paint or stain it regularly as you do with wood to protect it from the elements. You may need to hose it off occasionally to remove dirt or grime from bugs and sometimes use a little elbow grease on stubborn spots. It may need painting after many years, however, it isn't necessary to paint a corrugated fence, and the material should come with a coating to protect against rust unless you want the fence to gradually acquire a weathered look. 


Sheet metal is impervious to insects and other pests that chew on wood. It holds up well against harsh weather elements that can deteriorate wood and dent vinyl.

Decorative Options

You can get the material in numerous colors, or paint it a particular color you prefer. You also have the option of painting your sheet metal fence in a variety of colors if you like.

Another option would be to have the fence installed in its natural metal glory and decorate it with vines, hanging plants, birdhouses and other items. Some property owners love the look of metal combined with wood. You might have the sheet metal attached to wood posts rather than metal ones. In this way, you can make the fence look ultra-modern or country rustic. 

Of course, depending on the type of property, you may not even care how it looks in a decorative sense as long as it's in good shape. Separating a business-related property from another one, for instance, might be done with the sheet metal and no enhancements. 


Corrugated sheet metal is generally a less expensive option for a fence than wood or vinyl is. If you can't afford a privacy fence in another material, choosing corrugated sheet metal will allow you to have one. 

Concluding Thoughts

Check your zoning before you contract to have a corrugated sheet metal fence installed or put one up yourself. There may be restrictions on fencing materials in your neighborhood, and you also may need to know the maximum height that's allowed. If zoning restricts materials, you may be able to get a variance that lets you have the fence you want. For more information, contact a professional fencing company, like AJ Wrought Iron Security & Ornamental Ltd wrought iron.