Three Changes That Will Turn Your House Into An Estate

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Finally being able to purchase and settle into your own real estate is an elated feeling. If you live in a suburban neighborhood with nice homes, you may be looking for ways to keep up your property. Nice looking properties on the interior and exterior keep property values high and benefit the community. If you want to step up the look of your home's exterior, here are three changes to take you from "nice house" to "lovely estate."

Form an iron gate around the perimeter 

Nothing says upscale estate like a wrought iron fence around the home. Ornamental iron fencing is attractive because it shows off the lawn while providing a closed perimeter for the home. When establishing an iron gate for the house, ornamental iron fencing on the front of the gate is the detail that you want to pay attention to. You can elect to have your family's initials created into the gate or you can have the house numbers or name of your estate worked in. No matter which you decide, be sure that the iron work with the letters or numbers is stationed in the center of the gate. This will provide symmetry for the entrance of your home and an uninterrupted view of the rest of your yard.

Build green lawns with hedges

Nice, green blades of grass are a beautiful addition to any home. Make sure your home's lawn always looks lush. If you live in an arid climate that has desert-like weather, it may be best to lay turf instead of actual grass. This will provide you with the green lawn look without having to water the grass or try to protect the lawn from the harsh environment. Also, plant hedges in the front of your gates or in front of your home. Perfectly trimmed hedges can make a home look more stately. For a pop of color, plant tall rose bushes in your favorite signature shade. 

Lay down brick pavement

Though cement pavement is typically the most used for driveways, laying down a brick driveway may be the answer for you. Cement driveways easily become crumbled and need to be repaved at some point. When a brick driveway is laid down, it can be a smoother ride of the tires and has much easier maintenance. Select a brick color that matches the color of your home to coordinate the look of the pathway from the street to the garage.