Economic Fence Decorating Tips

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There are many reasons why someone may want to decorate their fence. Maybe you are tired of looking out your window and seeing nothing but chain link around your yard or maybe you just like the idea of doing something a bit different with your fence. No matter what your reason is you will be glad to know that there are some great and affordable ways for you to change the look of your fence and you can learn about some of them right here:

Paint the fence

Most everyone knows that they can easily revamp their wooden fence with a can of paint and a paint brush. However, most people don't even think of paining their chain link fence to give it a different look. However, chain link can be painted easily with spray paint and a piece of cardboard to protect the ground around it. Painting a chain link fence to match the trim of your house can pull it into your landscaping in a way that can really add a charming touch to the look of your yard. You can often find sales on quality spray paint to cut down on the cost of painting your fence even more and you can use leftover cardboard from boxes of items you purchased in the past.

Use nature to help decorate the fence

One of the most cost effective ways to add to the look of your chain link fence is to replant rose bushes so they are lined along the exterior of the fence. Or, you can replant other types of foliage such as small bushes you already have on the property. If you are going to be purchasing foliage then you can check estate sales and you may find some great deals on potted plants you can replant along the fence.

Put lattice up along the fence

You can purchase lattice for a small investment that you can attach to the chain link. There are many types of lattice with some of the most popular including wood or vinyl. You can also find plastic lattice. However, while plastic lattice is generally the cheapest you do want to keep in mind that it doesn't last nearly as long and it can be easily damaged by things like kids climbing on it or balls getting kicked against it. Lattice also adds a little bit of privacy to your fence while it helps you achieve a bit of decoration.

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