Fences For The Average Home: Affordable Wood Fencing Ideas That Give Landscaping A Custom Look

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The installation of a custom fence for your home can be affordable if you choose the right materials and design. Wood is a great material for fencing because there are materials and designs for any budget. Lattice panels and pre-made wood fence sections are an affordable option for a fence with a custom look. Here are some of ideas to choose from to give your home an affordable custom wood fence that will last you for many years:

1. Solid Framed Lattice Fence Panels for Affordable Fencing Projects

The use of lattice for fencing details is common in custom designs. The lattice materials also come in prefabricated framed panels. If you want to have an affordable design for your fence, then larger framed fencing panels are a great choice for custom fences. It is important when using these panels to install posts the correct distance apart, or you may have to cut some of the panels to size. 

2. Affordable and Trendy Horizontal Wood Fencing Designs

There are also trendy designs that can be done for wood fencing around your home. An affordable option is to choose a horizontal fence design. Use less expensive treated pine materials and a design that uses less lumber. Using thinner widths of lumber and a pattern with spacing between each board will also help to keep the cost of wood fencing down. Use untreated materials and have a painter stain and seal them to cut cost. Just remember that you will have to do regular maintenance if you use natural wood products.

3. Stained Plywood Fence Designs with Custom Design Features and Details

Plywood is another affordable choice for a wood fence. With a plywood fence, you will be able to choose from many custom designs and details, such as adding batten to the fence or cutting stencil designs out with a jigsaw. If you choose to use a plywood fencing material, it is important to stain and seal the wood regularly. Adding silicon caulking around areas where water can get trapped will also help ensure a plywood fence lasts.

Having a new wood fence installed is an affordable home improvement project with some of these ideas. Contact a house painting service to help with staining and painting your wood fencing projects to ensure they last for years.  

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