Ideas For Adding Stylish Front Yard Fencing

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Front yard fencing can be tricky. You have a need for this fencing, whether it's to demarcate your boundaries or keep pets in the yard. However, you don't want it to create the feeling of a fortress wall around your house. Well-designed front yard fencing should actually add curb appeal. Create a beautiful border to your front yard with fencing.

Consider Picket

According to the Landscaping Network, the most popular fencing style for front yards is picket. A picket fence consists of posts connected together with stringers, which the pickets attach to. Typically, the pickets are pointed.

White is the classic color for pickets, though the fencing can be painted a range of colors. It's even possible to choose hardwood, such as cedar or redwood, and have the fencing stained for a rustic look. While any wood is traditional for picket fencing, it's possible to have vinyl picket fencing installed. This reduces the necessary maintenance.

Look into Wrought Iron

The other most popular style for front yard fencing is wrought iron. The basic construction is the same as picket — posts connected with stringers to which the pickets are attached. However, the material is metal.

Wrought iron fencing is an upscale and formal style of fencing. However, it can range from modern with straight pickets to historical with elaborate designs created by the wrought iron. While black is the classic color, it's possible to have the iron powder coated with different colors and finishes.

Choose a Gate

Whichever fencing material you choose, it's important to select a complementary gate. The fencing material will help drive your gate choice. However, it's possible to get creative with the gate selection. For instance, even if you've chosen modern wrought iron, you can add a wrought iron gate with fancy curlicues and even metallic finishes. It's also possible to have your metal gate mounted to an automatic opener. These either open the gate outward or slide it along a track.

For picket fencing, you could choose a garden-style wooden gate. It's very charming if you add an arbor and train plants to grow over the lattice. However, don't train the plants onto the fence itself as this can damage it.

Add Landscaping

In that vein, landscaping does a lot to integrate your fencing with the rest of your yard and home. While you don't want the plants growing onto the fence itself, you can create planting beds right in front of the fencing. Choose flowers and filler plants that echo and complement the rest of your landscaping.

Add beauty and security to your front yard with stylish fencing.

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