Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing An Aluminum Fence

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There are many types of fences you can install, but one of the most popular is aluminum fencing. It's known for its strength and availability. If you're thinking about setting up aluminum fencing around your property, here are some mistakes to avoid:

Placing Posts at the Wrong Location 

Fence posts are used to give the fence added protection and stability. In order for them to be effective, though, they need to be set up at the right locations. Many homeowners fail to realize this and are left with an aluminum fence that doesn't hold up for very long. 

Typically, fence posts should be placed six to eight feet apart. You'll want to be particularly careful when setting up posts near your home, as the foundation is susceptible to damage if you're not careful. Always test to see where the foundation is before driving these posts into the ground. Usually, several inches from each side of the house will suffice as a working area.

Cutting Underground Cables

When securing aluminum fences in the ground, it's easy to forget that there may be telephone and cable lines underneath. Cutting such cables could be disastrous to your health and ultimately affect the entire neighborhood. 

Before ever digging into the ground, make sure you know where cables are if they are present. There are plenty of electric companies you can call to find out this information. They'll send a professional to mark off any areas where cables exist. The service is usually free. You'll just be required to set up an appointment in advance. 

Failing to Contact Professionals

There are many who don't realize how difficult it is to set up an aluminum fence. It requires time, the right tools, and access to materials. You can save on stress if you let aluminum fencing contractors take care of the installation. 

They'll measure your property and provide an estimate first, so you know whether or not the project is within your budget. Usually, a team works together, so your project can be completed within a couple of days. In contrast, it would take you much longer to install one of the fences by yourself. They also take into account factors you may not have thought of before, such as your property's layout, foundation issues, and how the land is divided up. 

An aluminum fence may be the perfect solution for protecting your property over the years. Make sure these projects work out by extensively planning and consulting with qualified contractors.