Why Aluminum Is The Best Fencing Option

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For many property owners, the choice of fencing material will come down to either wood or metal fencing. The use of wood as a fencing material has been around for centuries. However, it presents functional and aesthetic challenges to many modern property owners.

Metal fencing is seen as an improvement on wood, but not all metals rank the same as far as this application is concerned. Wrought iron and steel may have been first on the scene, but aluminum has shown its superiority in several key areas. These include:

Maintenance: When wrought iron and steel are used in fencing, they require regular maintenance to preserve their strength and looks. Both options are highly susceptible to rust which weakens them and also ruins the metal surface. Even when galvanized, the metals can still rust if the coating is compromised at any point. Aluminum, on the other hand, is highly resistant to rust. The fencing can last for years without needing any maintenance.

Cost: Aluminum is quite cheap compared to both wrought iron and steel. Depending on the size of your property, fencing can be a very expensive venture. An alternative like aluminum gives you a chance to save money.

Aesthetics: Aluminum fencing is available in many colors. This means homeowners can dictate the look of their property to a greater degree. The color coatings are applied using methods like powder coating. Coatings applied using such methods are more durable. Aluminum can even be coated to mimic the look of materials such as wood; providing a traditional look without the usual problems.

Ease of installation: Fencing is expensive enough without having to bring in professionals to do the work. Unfortunately, it's almost always advisable to hire professionals to install steel or wrought iron fencing. This is because an amateur job could leave the metal exposed around the holes for screws and bolts which can allow rust to develop. These two metals are also quite heavy.  Aluminum chain link fencing is one of the easier and more affordable options for installation, so you might consider that first. 

Unless the installation of the fencing is in a challenging location, aluminum is always easier to install. It's light and the person doing the installing doesn't have to worry about rust developing due to an oversight. Some aluminum fencing is even designed for DIY installation.

Steel and wrought iron fencing are important considerations where impact strength is a major concern but modern fencing demands more. While aluminum fencing can't match these two in terms of strength, it's a better alternative in almost every other regard.

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