Wood And Fiberglass Are Both Great Fence Materials

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If you are trying to improve the style of your property, updating the fence is a great place to start. If your property doesn't already have a fence, adding one will provide security, style, and structure to your landscaping. If you have an old fence that is looking aged and outdated, replacing it can be a very worthwhile investment.

The fence is often the closest thing to the curb, meaning that it is very a visible and noticeable style component for your property. Fences are usually set in soil, on grass, and near sprinklers. Most will get wet almost every single day. Basically, a fence can wear down quite quickly over the years. Regardless of your reason for investing in a new exterior fence, you need to think carefully about what material to use. This article compares two of the most common fencing materials used in residential construction so that you can consider them as you get you fencing estimates.

Wood Fences

Wood is the material most often associated with residential fences, especially picket or dog ear fencing. While it is undeniably stylish and reliable material, it is not the most long lasting or easy to maintain. Wood needs to be stained or painted in order to be protected from all the moisture it is going to come in contact with over the years. Many homeowners are going to automatically stay away from wood because they don't want to deal with this maintenance.

Fiberglass Fences

If you want is zero maintenance material, you should consider fiberglass. Fiberglass is one of most popular modern fencing materials because it is waterproof, fade resistant, and very easy to take care of. Most fiberglass fences actually have a fake wood texture. This is just a subtle texture that adds a little bit of warmth and style to the fence, but it definitely doesn't make the fiberglass look like real wood. Many homeowners are less worried about the style of their product, and they are more concerned about owning a product that is going to be easy to take care of. The colors on the fiberglass fence will stay true for much longer. You don't ever need to repaint, refinish, or seal fiberglass. This is a major selling point for many homeowners.

As you can see, these two material have some important differences that you need to consider before making a decision. In the end, it really comes down to deciding if you value style or low maintenance.