5 Cedar Fencing Design Options

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Natural cedar fencing is one of the most beautiful ways to add security and safety to your landscaping. There are many different design options that will ensure your fence matches your style and complements your home.

1. Board Width

Cedar fence pickets are available in a variety of widths. Choosing wider boards means that you will need fewer pickets overall, which can reduce the cost depending on wood prices. Board width also affects the finished appearance of the fence. Wider boards can make a tall fence look shorter, for example. The width will also impact the distance between the main fence posts.

2.  Picket Style

Pickets come in a variety of styles so plain rectangular boards aren't the only choice. Sharp or rounded points are a common option. Not only are the posts decorative, but this shape also discourages intruders from climbing over them. Dog-eared styles have a flat top with angled corners, while gothic pickets have pointed tips with side cutouts that resemble arrowheads. Another option is scalloping, which creates the appearance of a curved cutout along the top of the fence line.

3. Height Options

A combination of factors influences what height of boards to opt for. If you have a pool or hot top, local regulations may require that the fence is six feet or taller. Municipal codes and homeowner associations may also have fence height requirements. There may be regulations in regard to maximum fence height as well as minimum. For example, front yard fences may be limited to a height of only two or three feet.

4. Spacing Design

The fence appearance can also be altered with creative spacing of the pickets along the rails. Open pickets mean that there is a narrow gap between the pickets so that air can circulate through. Shadowboxing is another creative spacing option. Pickets alternate on either side of the rail, which allows full privacy and security while still allowing airflow. 

5. Finish Types

Cedar wood is beautiful in its natural state, but the right finish can make it more attractive while also protecting the fencing. If you prefer the natural cedar color, opt for a clear weatherproofing finish. A cedar stain is another option that brings out the natural color so it is bolder. Cedar can also be painted, if you prefer to add a bit of color to the fencing. 

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